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Memorandum Sep2120202

TO                    :           ALL DEALERS/MEMBERS

FROM              :           ENRIQUE B. VELASCO


DATE               :           SEPTEMBER 21, 2020



            This is to announce officially the disbandment and abolition of the former PRESIDENTIAL CLUB CIRCLE to give way to a NEW PRESIDENTIAL CIRCLE CLUB’s new set of members.


 The old members of the Presidential Club Circle will not necessarily be included in the New Presidential Club Circle. LOADMANNA will re-evaluate qualifications, foremost of which is LOYALTY and PERFORMANCE.


Privileges and benefits await the new members of the New Presidential Club Circle including retirement benefit with certain conditions. Anyone can be a member of the New Presidential Club Circle if you meet the necessary qualifications.  


            We will announce the NEW MEMBERS of the NEW PRESIDENTIAL CLUB CIRCLE SOON.


 For your guidance.