Compatible Android Devices for LM Augmented Reality

Check out our list of Android phones that support Augmented Reality (AR). It’s your handy guide to enjoying AR apps. Remember, not all Android phones support AR.

Device modelManufacturer
ROG PhoneAsus
ROG Phone IIAsus
ROG Phone IIIAsus
ROG Phone 5Asus
ROG Phone 6 (AI2201)Asus
Zenfone 6Asus
Zenfone 7/7 ProAsus
Zenfone 8Asus
Zenfone 9Asus
Zenfone ARAsus
Zenfone ARESAsus
Balmuda PhoneBalmuda
arrows 5G F-51AFujitsu
arrows NX9 F-52AFujitsu
arrows N F-51CFCNT
arrows We A101FCFCNT
arrows We F-51BFCNT
arrows We FCG01FCNT
GM 9 PlusGeneral Mobile
Nexus 5XGoogle
Nexus 6PGoogle
Pixel XLGoogle
Pixel 2Google
Pixel 2 XLGoogle
Pixel 3Google
Pixel 3 XLGoogle
Pixel 3aGoogle
Pixel 3a XLGoogle
Pixel 4Google
Pixel 4 XLGoogle
Pixel 4aGoogle
Pixel 4a 5GGoogle
Pixel 5Google
Pixel 5a 5GGoogle
Pixel 6Google
Pixel 6aGoogle
Pixel 6 ProGoogle
Pixel 7Google
Pixel 7 ProGoogle
Nokia 3.4HMD Global
Nokia 5.4HMD Global
Nokia 6 (2018)HMD Global
Nokia 6.1 PlusHMD Global
Nokia 6.2HMD Global
Nokia 7 PlusHMD Global
Nokia 7.1HMD Global
Nokia 7.2HMD Global
Nokia 8HMD Global
Nokia 8 SiroccoHMD Global
Nokia 8.1HMD Global
Nokia 8.3 5GHMD Global
HONOR 70Honor
HONOR Magic4 ProHonor
Desire 21 Pro 5GHTC
Honor 8XHuawei
Honor 10Huawei
Honor View 10 LiteHuawei
Honor V20Huawei
Mate 20 LiteHuawei
Mate 20Huawei
Mate 20 ProHuawei
Mate 20 XHuawei
Nova 3Huawei
Nova 3iHuawei
Nova 4Huawei
P20 ProHuawei
P30 ProHuawei
Porsche Design Mate RSHuawei
Porsche Design Mate 20 RSHuawei
Y9 2019Huawei
Note 6Infinix Mobile
Note 7Infinix Mobile
Note 10 ProInfinix Mobile
Note 11Infinix Mobile
Note 11 ProInfinix Mobile
Note 11SInfinix Mobile
Note 12Infinix Mobile
NOTE 12 2023Infinix Mobile
Note 12 VIPInfinix Mobile
Zero 5GInfinix Mobile
Zero 5G 2023Infinix Mobile
Zero 8Infinix Mobile
Zero 8iInfinix Mobile
ZERO 20Infinix Mobile
ZERO ULTRAInfinix Mobile
ZERO XInfinix Mobile
ZERO X ProInfinix Mobile
ZERO X NEOInfinix Mobile
Torque 5GKyocera
Torque G04Kyocera
Duraforce Ultra 5GKyocera
DuraSport 5GKyocera
Android One S9Kyocera
DIGNO SANGA editionKyocera
Lenovo K13 NoteLenovo
Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 3rd GenLenovo
Lenovo Tab P11 2nd GenLenovo
Lenovo Tab P11 5GLenovo
Lenovo Tab P11 PlusLenovo
Lenovo Tab P11 Pro (2nd Gen)Lenovo
Lenovo Yoga Tab 11Lenovo
Lenovo Tab P12 ProLenovo
Lenovo LAVIETab T12 12QHD1Lenovo
Lenovo 启天K10 ProLenovo
Lume PadLitByLeia
G7 FitLG
G7 OneLG
G7 ThinQLG
G8 ThinQLG
G Pad 5 10.1 FHDLG
Stylo 5LG
Stylo 6LG
Stylo 7LG
LG Signature Edition 2017LG
V35 ThinQLG
LG Signature Edition 2018LG
V40 ThinQLG
V50 ThinQLG
V50S ThinQLG
LG Signature Edition 2019LG
V60 ThinQLG
V60 ThinQ 5GLG
moto g⁵ˢ plusMotorola
moto g⁶Motorola
moto g⁶ plusMotorola
moto g⁷Motorola
moto g⁷ playMotorola
moto g⁷ plusMotorola
moto g⁷ powerMotorola
moto g⁷ playMotorola
moto g⁸Motorola
moto g⁸ playMotorola
moto g⁸ plusMotorola
moto g⁸ powerMotorola
moto g⁸ power liteMotorola
moto g⁹ playMotorola
moto g⁹ plusMotorola
moto g⁹ powerMotorola
moto g 5GMotorola
moto g 5G (2022)Motorola
moto g power 2021Motorola
moto g power (2022)Motorola
moto g powerMotorola
moto g proMotorola
moto g stylusMotorola
moto g stylus (2021)Motorola
moto g stylus (2022)Motorola
moto g stylus 5G (2022)Motorola
moto g stylus 5GMotorola
moto g(30)Motorola
moto g(40) fusionMotorola
moto g(10)Motorola
moto g(50)Motorola
moto g(50) 5GMotorola
moto g(60)Motorola
moto g(60)sMotorola
moto g(100)Motorola
moto g31Motorola
moto g32Motorola
moto g42Motorola
moto g51 5GMotorola
moto g52Motorola
moto g52j 5GMotorola
moto g62 5GMotorola
moto g71 5GMotorola
moto g72Motorola
moto g82 5GMotorola
moto g200 5GMotorola
motorola edge (2021)Motorola
motorola edge (2022)Motorola
motorola edgeMotorola
motorola edge sMotorola
motorola edge plusMotorola
motorola edge plus (2022)Motorola
motorola edge 20 proMotorola
motorola edge 20Motorola
motorola edge 20 liteMotorola
motorola edge 30Motorola
motorola edge 30 fusionMotorola
motorola edge 30 neoMotorola
motorola edge 30 ProMotorola
motorola edge 30 ultraMotorola
motorola oneMotorola
motorola one 5GMotorola
motorola one actionMotorola
motorola one fusionMotorola
motorola one fusion+Motorola
motorola one hyperMotorola
motorola one macroMotorola
motorola one powerMotorola
motorola one visionMotorola
motorola one zoomMotorola
motorola Razr(2020)Motorola
motorola Razr(2022)Motorola
moto tab g62Motorola
moto x⁴Motorola
moto z² forceMotorola
moto z³Motorola
moto z³ playMotorola
moto z⁴Motorola
OnePlus 3TOnePlus
OnePlus 5OnePlus
OnePlus 5TOnePlus
OnePlus 6OnePlus
OnePlus 6TOnePlus
OnePlus 7OnePlus
OnePlus 7 ProOnePlus
OnePlus 7 Pro 5GOnePlus
OnePlus 7TOnePlus
OnePlus 7T ProOnePlus
OnePlus 8OnePlus
OnePlus 8 ProOnePlus
OnePlus 8TOnePlus
OnePlus 9OnePlus
OnePlus 9 ProOnePlus
OnePlus 9ROnePlus
OnePlus 9RT 5GOnePlus
OnePlus 10 ProOnePlus
OnePlus 10 Pro 5GOnePlus
OnePlus 10R 5GOnePlus
OnePlus 10T 5GOnePlus
OnePlus NordOnePlus
OnePlus N10OnePlus
OnePlus Nord 2T 5GOnePlus
OnePlus Nord CEOnePlus
OnePlus Nord CE 2OnePlus
OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5GOnePlus
OnePlus Nord2 5GOnePlus
OnePlus Nord N20 5GOnePlus
OnePlus Nord N200 5GOnePlus
A72 5GOppo
A93 5GOppo
A96 5GOppo
F11 ProOppo
F17 ProOppo
F19 Pro+Oppo
F21 Pro 5GOppo
F21s Pro 5GOppo
Find X2Oppo
Find X2 ProOppo
Find X3 ProOppo
Find X5Oppo
Find X5 ProOppo
R17 ProOppo
Reno2 FOppo
Reno2 ZOppo
Reno3 5GOppo
Reno3 AOppo
Reno3 ProOppo
Reno3 Pro 5GOppo
Reno4 4GOppo
Reno4 SE 5GOppo
Reno5 AOppo
Reno5 5GOppo
Reno5 Pro 4GOppo
Reno5 Pro 5GOppo
Reno5 Pro+ 5GOppo
Reno6 Pro+ 5GOppo
Reno7 AOppo
Reno7 5GOppo
Reno7 Pro 5GOppo
Reno7 Z 5GOppo
Reno 10x ZoomOppo
Reno AOppo
Reno ZOppo
5 Prorealme
6 Prorealme
7 Prorealme
8 Prorealme
Narzo 20 Prorealme
X Literealme
X2 Prorealme
X3 Super Zoomrealme
X7 5Grealme
X7 Pro 5Grealme
X50 Prorealme
X50t 5Grealme
realme V5 5Grealme
realme v15 5Grealme
realme GT 2 Prorealme
realme GT 5Grealme
realme GT Neorealme
realme GT Neo 3realme
realme GT Neo 3 150Wrealme
realme GT Explorer Master Editionrealme
realme 8 5Grealme
realme 9 5Grealme
realme 9 Pro 5Grealme
realme 9 Pro+realme
Galaxy A3 (2017)Samsung
Galaxy A5 (2017)Samsung
Galaxy A6 (2018)Samsung
Galaxy A7 (2017)Samsung
Galaxy A7 (2018)Samsung
Galaxy A8Samsung
Galaxy A8+ (2018)Samsung
Galaxy A13 5GSamsung
Galaxy A14 5GSamsung
Galaxy A20Samsung
Galaxy A20sSamsung
Galaxy A20eSamsung
Galaxy A22Samsung
Galaxy A22 5GSamsung
Galaxy A23Samsung
Galaxy A23 5GSamsung
Galaxy A30Samsung
Galaxy A30sSamsung
Galaxy A31Samsung
Galaxy A32Samsung
Galaxy A32 5GSamsung
Galaxy A33 5GSamsung
Galaxy A40Samsung
Galaxy A41Samsung
Galaxy A42 5GSamsung
Galaxy A50Samsung
Galaxy A50sSamsung
Galaxy A51Samsung
Galaxy A51 5GSamsung
Galaxy A52Samsung
Galaxy A52 5GSamsung
Galaxy A52s 5GSamsung
Galaxy A53 5GSamsung
Galaxy A60Samsung
Galaxy A70Samsung
Galaxy A70sSamsung
Galaxy A71Samsung
Galaxy A71 5GSamsung
Galaxy A72Samsung
Galaxy A73 5GSamsung
Galaxy A80Samsung
Galaxy A90 5GSamsung
Galaxy F22Samsung
Galaxy F23 5GSamsung
Galaxy F41Samsung
Galaxy F42 5G / Wide5Samsung
Galaxy F62Samsung
Galaxy FoldSamsung
Galaxy Z Fold2 5GSamsung
Galaxy Z Fold3 5GSamsung
Galaxy Z Fold4.Samsung
Galaxy J5 (2017)Samsung
Galaxy J5 ProSamsung
Galaxy J7 (2017)Samsung
Galaxy J7 ProSamsung
Galaxy M20Samsung
Galaxy M21Samsung
Galaxy M22Samsung
Galaxy M23 5GSamsung
Galaxy M30sSamsung
Galaxy M31Samsung
Galaxy M31sSamsung
Galaxy M32Samsung
Galaxy M33 5GSamsung
Galaxy M51Samsung
Galaxy M52 5GSamsung
Galaxy M53 5GSamsung
Galaxy M62Samsung
Galaxy Note8Samsung
Galaxy Note9Samsung
Galaxy Note10Samsung
Galaxy Note10 5GSamsung
Galaxy Note10+Samsung
Galaxy Note10+ 5GSamsung
Galaxy Note10 LiteSamsung
Galaxy Note20 5GSamsung
Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5GSamsung
Galaxy Quantum2Samsung
Galaxy Quantum3Samsung
Galaxy S7Samsung
Galaxy S7 edgeSamsung
Galaxy S8Samsung
Galaxy S8+Samsung
Galaxy S9 ExynosSamsung
Galaxy S9 QualcommSamsung
Galaxy S9+ ExynosSamsung
Galaxy S9+ QualcommSamsung
Galaxy S10e ExynosSamsung
Galaxy S10e QualcommSamsung
Galaxy S10 ExynosSamsung
Galaxy S10 QualcommSamsung
Galaxy S10+ ExynosSamsung
Galaxy S10+ QualcommSamsung
Galaxy S10 5GSamsung
Galaxy S10 LiteSamsung
Galaxy S20Samsung
Galaxy S20 5GSamsung
Galaxy S20+Samsung
Galaxy S20+ 5GSamsung
Galaxy S20 FE.Samsung
Galaxy S20 FE 5GSamsung
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GSamsung
Galaxy S21 5GSamsung
Galaxy S21 FE 5GSamsung
Galaxy S21+ 5GSamsung
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5GSamsung
Galaxy S22 5GSamsung
Galaxy S22+ 5GSamsung
Galaxy S22 Ultra 5GSamsung
Galaxy S23Samsung
Galaxy S23+Samsung
Galaxy S23 UltraSamsung
Galaxy Tab A7Samsung
Galaxy Tab A8Samsung
Galaxy Tab Active 3Samsung
Galaxy Tab Active ProSamsung
Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro 5GSamsung
Galaxy Tab S3Samsung
Galaxy Tab S4Samsung
Galaxy Tab S5eSamsung
Galaxy Tab S6Samsung
Galaxy Tab S6 LiteSamsung
Galaxy Tab S7Samsung
Galaxy Tab S7 FESamsung
Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5GSamsung
Galaxy Tab S7+Samsung
Galaxy Tab S7+ LiteSamsung
Galaxy Tab S8Samsung
Galaxy Tab S8+Samsung
Galaxy Tab S8 UltraSamsung
Galaxy XCover ProSamsung
Galaxy XCover6 ProSamsung
Galaxy Z FlipSamsung
Galaxy Z Flip 5GSamsung
Galaxy Z Flip3 5GSamsung
Galaxy Z Flip4Samsung
AQUOS sense3Sharp
AQUOS sense3 basicSharp
AQUOS sense3 plusSharp
AQUOS sense4Sharp
AQUOS sense4 basicSharp
AQUOS sense4 liteSharp
AQUOS sense4 plusSharp
AQUOS sense5GSharp
AQUOS sense6Sharp
AQUOS sense6sSharp
AQUOS sense7Sharp
AQUOS sense7 PlusSharp
AQUOS zero2Sharp
AQUOS zero6Sharp
AQUOS zero5G basicSharp
AQUOS zero5G basic DXSharp
Leitz Phone1Sharp
Leitz Phone2Sharp
Xperia Ace IIISony
Xperia XZ PremiumSony
Xperia XZ1Sony
Xperia XZ1 CompactSony
Xperia XZ2Sony
Xperia XZ2 CompactSony
Xperia XZ2 PremiumSony
Xperia XZ3Sony
Xperia 1Sony
Xperia 1 Professional EditionSony
Xperia 1 IISony
Xperia 1 IIISony
Xperia 1 IVSony
Xperia 5Sony
Xperia 5 IISony
Xperia 5 IIISony
Xperia 5 IVSony
Xperia PROSony
Xperia PRO-ISony
Xperia 10 IIISony
Xperia 10 IVSony
Camon 18PTecno
Camon 12 ProTecno
Camon 16 PremierTecno
Camon 16 ProTecno
Camon 17 ProTecno
Camon 18 PremierTecno
Camon 19 ProTecno
Camon 19 Pro 5GTecno
Phantom 9Tecno
Phantom XTecno
Pova 2Tecno
Pova 4Tecno
Pova 4 ProTecno
Pova 5GTecno
U3ARUmx(Ultimate Mobile Experience)
Live 4Vinsmart
Aris ProVinsmart
Nex 3Vivo
Nex 3 5GVivo
NEX Dual Display EditionVivo
iQOO 3 4GVivo
iQOO 3 5GVivo
iQOO 9 ProVivo
V20 ProVivo
V25 ProVivo
X50 ProVivo
X50e 5GVivo
X60 ProVivo
X80 Lite 5GVivo
X80 ProVivo
View 3 ProWiko
Xiaomi 11TXiaomi
Xiaomi 12Xiaomi
Xiaomi 12 LiteXiaomi
Xiaomi 12T ProXiaomi
Xiaomi 12XXiaomi
Xiaomi 12 ProXiaomi
Mi 8Xiaomi
Mi 8 SEXiaomi
Mi 9Xiaomi
Mi 9 LiteXiaomi
Mi 9 SEXiaomi
Mi 10Xiaomi
Mi 10iXiaomi
Mi 10 LiteXiaomi
Mi 10 Lite 5GXiaomi
Mi 10 Lite ZoomXiaomi
Mi 10 ProXiaomi
Mi 10T ProXiaomi
Mi 11Xiaomi
Mi 11 ProXiaomi
Mi 11 UltraXiaomi
Mi A3Xiaomi
Mi Mix 2SXiaomi
Mi Mix 3Xiaomi
Mi Note 10Xiaomi
Mi Note 10 LiteXiaomi
Mi Note 11 LiteXiaomi
Mi Note 11 Lite 5GXiaomi
Pad 5Xiaomi
Pocophone F1Xiaomi
POCO F4Xiaomi
POCO F4 GTXiaomi
POCO X2Xiaomi
POCO X3Xiaomi
POCO X3 ProXiaomi
POCO X4 GTXiaomi
POCO X4 Pro 5GXiaomi
POCO M2 ProXiaomi
POCO M4 ProXiaomi
Redmi K20Xiaomi
Redmi K20 ProXiaomi
Redmi K30Xiaomi
Redmi K30 ProXiaomi
Redmi K40Xiaomi
Redmi K40SXiaomi
Redmi K40 Pro/Pro+Xiaomi
Redmi K40 GamingXiaomi
Redmi K50 5GXiaomi
Redmi K50GXiaomi
Redmi K50iXiaomi
Redmi 10X 4GXiaomi
Redmi Note 7Xiaomi
Redmi Note 7 ProXiaomi
Redmi Note 8Xiaomi
Redmi Note 8 ProXiaomi
Redmi Note 8TXiaomi
Redmi Note 9Xiaomi
Redmi Note 9 ProXiaomi
Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxXiaomi
Redmi Note 9SXiaomi
Redmi Note 9 (5G)Xiaomi
Redmi Note 10Xiaomi
Redmi Note 10SXiaomi
Redmi Note 10 5GXiaomi
Redmi Note 10 ProXiaomi
Redmi Note 10 Pro MaxXiaomi
Redmi Note 11Xiaomi
Redmi Note 11E ProXiaomi
Redmi Note 11 Pro 5GXiaomi
Redmi Note 11 Pro+Xiaomi
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5GXiaomi
Redmi Note 11SXiaomi
Redmi Note 11S 5GXiaomi
Redmi Note 11T ProXiaomi
Redmi Note 11T Pro+Xiaomi
ET40L 10″ Enterprise TabletZebra
ET45L 10″ Enterprise TabletZebra
ET40S 8″ Enterprise TabletZebra
ET45S 8″ Enterprise TabletZebra
ET51L 10″ Enterprise TabletZebra
ET56L 10″ Enterprise TabletZebra
ET56s 8″ Enterprise TabletZebra
ET56 10″ Enterprise TabletZebra
TC21 WLAN Touch ComputerZebra
TC26 WWAN Touch ComputerZebra
EC50 WLAN Enterprise ComputerZebra
EC55 WWAN Enterprise ComputerZebra
TC52 WLAN Touch ComputerZebra
TC52x WLAN Touch ComputerZebra
TC52ax WLAN Touch ComputerZebra
TC53 WLAN Touch ComputerZebra
TC57 WWAN Touch ComputerZebra
TC57x WWAN Touch ComputerZebra
TC58 WWAN Touch ComputerZebra
TC72 WLAN Touch ComputerZebra
TC77 WWAN Touch ComputerZebra
Libero 5GZTE
Libero 5G IIZTE
Libero 5G IIIZTE
REDMAGIC 7ProTC52ax WLAN Touch Computer