The First Offline Bills Payment App in the Philippines

Convenient Bills Payment App Without Internet Connection*

*Requires that user is already logged in via an internet connection before going to an offline area

Enjoy effortless bill payments without relying on internet connectivity !
Forget about long queues and over-the-counter transactions!
Loadmanna App is accessible anytime, anywhere, even in remote areas.


The Flexible Bills Payment App That Works Offline

Offline/Online Anywhere*

*Requires that user is already logged in via an internet connection before going to an offline area

Access bills anywhere, with flexibility, even without an internet.

Time and Money Saver

Save time and money, skip queues and trips to payment centers. Pay bills from the comfort of your home

24/7 Anytime Access

Pay bills conveniently anytime, no more time restrictions, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Our Gallery

Offering 400+ Billers in the Loadmanna App:

Water Bills, Electric Bills, Internet, and many more.

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Cable and Internet

Enjoy your favorite shows and online activities by paying for your cable and internet services.


Stay in touch with your friends and family by paying for your telecom bills services.

Toll and Transportation

Avoid cash lanes and save time by paying for the toll fee with Easytrip and Autosweep RFID.

Water Utility

Ensure a steady supply of water for your needs by paying for your water bills.


Use eMoney to shop online or send money to others. This will make your transactions faster and easier.

Government Agencies

Pay government fees online or offline. This will help you avoid long queues and paperwork.

Electric Utility

Settle your electric utility bills, ensuring continuous access to electricity for your home or business.


Plan your plane trips better and enjoy your travels by easily paying for your airfare tickets.


Settle school fees and learning services. Ensuring the education journey is smooth and enjoyable.


How to Pay Bills with the Loadmanna App Offline Mode:

  1. Open Loadmanna App
  2. Click the ‘Bills’ Icon
  3. Click Bills Payment
  4. Search Your Biller
  5. Enter Details and Click Next.
  6. Review the Details and Click ‘Pay
  7. Redirecting to SMS and Click Send and Wait for the Confirmation