Patch notes for Loadmanna Application

Loadmanna App v4.8.36

Released Date: 08.09.2023


What’s New ?

Added Repeat Transaction Checkbox for Offline Transactions

Applied for the following functions:

Wallet Transfer

  • Manna to Manna Transfer
  • Universal Loadwallet Transfer
  • Traditional Loadwallet Transfer
  • Send Retailer Pins

Cash In

  • 7/11 Reference Number


  • Mannawallet to Loadwallet
  • Mannawallet to LM wallet
  • LM Wallet to Mannawallet

Loadmanna Update Notification

  • Members will receive a pop up notification to update their application.
  • The pop-up will include the release notes for the update.


“Buy Ticket” Menu

  • Default ‘Ticket Type‘ is set to ‘6th Anniversary Ticket’.
  • Purchase 10 tickets‘ to ‘Purchase a bulk of 10 tickets’ for clarification.
  • Implement validation to prohibit ticket transfers to the user’s own account.

Loadmanna AI Chat bot

  • Renamed AI Chatbot from Manna to Johnny.
  • Added new icon

Genealogy View

  • Enables members to view the genealogy of an account head that was registered with a CD/Free activation code seamlessly.

Mobile Number Field for Transactions

  • Enable automatic conversion of mobile numbers starting with ‘+63′ or ‘63′ to ‘0‘ in all mobile number fields.

Application Logo and Icon Visual Update

  • Change the application’s logo and icon for the Loadmanna 6th Anniversary.

Loadmanna Affiliate Earning

  • Affiliates can now receive earnings via Mannawallet.
  • The transaction will appear in their transaction history on either the Loadmanna Application or the Loadmanna member dashboard.
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