Loadmanna Release Notes:

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Transaction History

  • Modified “Request Transaction History” to direct users to a Google Form instead of using an SMS command.
  • Replaced the SMS-based transaction history request with an online form.

Addition of Upgrade Button for LM Basic User Upgrade in the Main Menu

  • LM Basic user interface now includes an upgrade button in the main menu.

GPINOY & GSAT Screen UI Enhancement

  • Improved the user interface for purchasing GSAT/GPINOY pins, including clear instructions for the top-up procedure in the product description.

Removal of “ASK JOHNNY” from the “Support” Menu

  • Eliminated the “ASK Johnny” function from the Support Menu since it is already available in the main menu.


Revised the ticket confirmation pop-ups to address any issues.

7/11 Reference number no display (LM Basic User)

  • LM Basic Users can now successfully generate a 7-Eleven Reference number (Online Only) as intended.
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